SERPENTE is a lamp that, thanks to its incredible flexibility, you can hang from the ceiling to the ceiling or from the ceiling to the wall. The lamp that resembles a rope is made of silicone. This gives you incredible freedom in lighting design. Create unique compositions and creative arrangements.


Lianas like in the jungle? Maybe not completely, because SERPENTE, in addition to aesthetic and decorative qualities, also has a utility function, because it shines!

Yes! SERPENTE is a modern lamp. After all, you can experiment. The flexible SERPENTE gives you unlimited creative freedom. There has never been such an opportunity before!

Create an arrangement that suits your nature. Will it be elegant harmony or inventive chaos? With SERPENTE you will create what suits you best.

SERPENTE offers almost unlimited possibilities to match the lighting to the interior and exterior spaces. Whether they will be compositions consisting of waves, curves, braiding, intersecting depends only on your imagination

You decide what method of assembly you choose

The SERPENTE light lamp has very rich assembly collections. You can mount SERPENTRE from the ceiling to the wall, surface-mounted and flush-mounted in various colors and finishes

Using special handles, you can adjust the height of the lamp or its individual sections. Using dedicated profiles, you can hang SERPENTE in a straight line, e.g. over a dining table. An interesting option is also the possibility of mounting our lamp directly along the walls and ceilings

The arrangement possibilities are limitless

DE3 mount - fi 60 high 3 cable 220

DE2 mount - fi 60 - high 3

DE1 mount - fi 50

DE5 handle - length 30

Mounting box DE4 - fi 70 height 270

Fixing box DE4 - fi 70 height 50

DE2 mount - fi 50

Wheel DE 5 - 35

DE6 handle - length 1000


One proposal is a decorative mesh that gives the impression of snake skin, the other is SERPENTE without a mesh.

What lengths

Serpente long or short? It doesn’t matter what length you need, because you can choose sections from 1m to 10m. Certainly, such a dimensional range will allow you to change your interior in a stunning way.






Black RAL

White RAL

Other on request

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Of course, send us your vision or project and we will create a product for your individual order ?

Absolutely, whether it will be DALI or another intelligent solution. We will make the Serpente harmonize with your home

We help at every stage, including the initial ones. Call us or go to the form and tell us how you imagine the project. We will help you choose the number of lamps, their length, height from the ceiling, its quantity, color of light, etc.

Definitely yes. IP65 is a high moisture resistance factor, which means that it can also be applied outdoors. If you are designing pergolas, a gazebo or a winter house, please contact us and we will help you choose the best option

We have prepared a very wide range of accessories. In addition to various mounting options for the wall, ceiling, surface-mounted, flush-mounted, you also have a wide range of colors to choose from, including copper, silver, nickel, brass and RAL black and white and any other from the RAL palette

Of course, we can also adapt to the needs of our client. We are as flexible as our SERPENTE product

We send samples on request.

Choose the one you like. Of course, you can choose any – warm, neutral, cold or color. In terms of power, our LEDs are around 3.1 watts and produce around 120 lumens per meter.

In our lamps we use only the highest quality LEDs. It is no different in SERPENTE, they have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. After this time, they will gradually lose their power. If it is necessary to replace the diodes, our service takes care of it. I encourage you to read our warranty terms for more information on this.

Our luminaires are designed to be easy for an electrician to install. An instruction manual is also included with the lamp. However, if you need to contact our specialists, we are always available, we will talk directly to the electrician or contractor and answer all your questions.

All our luminaires are manufactured in Poland. We are a family company that has been dealing with lighting for 3 generations. We also carry out other interesting projects for individual orders.

Yes of course! On a daily basis, we cooperate with architectural offices and wholesale customers. For detailed information on prices and commercial terms, please contact us at: [email protected]

Yes we have. In order to download files for your project, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

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