It has been known for a long time that the act of eating has a multifaceted dimension. It is not only the taste that counts, but also the appearance, smell, company … in other words, the whole setting accompanying the dishes. This truth is even more important when it comes to top-class cuisine, such as that offered by the Catalan Paco Pérez.

Top-notch cuisine

As it has been known for some time, Paco Pérez, a virtuoso of Mediterranean cuisine awarded with six Michelin stars, will co-create a restaurant in Gdańsk. Unfortunately, the information available in the media is scarce so far. It was only announced that the premises called Arco will be located anywhere, on the 33rd floor of Olivia Business Center, the tallest building in the city. It is also known that only the best, trusted associates of Paco Pérez will work to create the restaurant, and he will oversee the entire process.

Comprehensive vision

In the atmosphere of a casual and elegant atmosphere, the emphasis will be placed on light, an element that builds the mood and affects the senses. Thanks to this, his place is to become a unique place on the map of Gdańsk, appreciated not only for the outstanding taste values of the dishes served there, but also for the designer nature of the interior.

More details coming soon…