It has long been proven that light has a great influence on humans. Its lack can provoke many negative reactions, which is why it is so important to install unique lighting in every room in the restaurant that will brighten up the face of each customer! To further intensify this effect, it is worth betting on something unique that will also delight in terms of aesthetics.

Do you focus on modern design? Do you value more traditional solutions? Or maybe you create your own unique style by combining many different worlds? If so, you are well aware that creating the mood with lighting is crucial to achieve the desired effect. Black Swan Studio is a contractor working with top-class designers. The result of this cooperation are unique lamps that perfectly complement the appearance of the room. One of them is designed by a design studio THESPACE from Warsaw and a masterpiece of design made by Black Swan Studio, which to this day adorns a unique Warsaw restaurant White One.

A lot of choice, unlimited creativity

Black Swan Studio creates lighting for individual orders, so you can be sure that your restaurant will be decorated with unique lamps that will be envied by any person who values style. Thanks to the work of the best specialists and artists, you will receive lamps for large and small restaurants, open rooms ready to accept dozens of customers, as well as smaller, more intimate ones, emphasizing an intimate atmosphere. In every situation, it is extremely important to create an atmosphere with light and it will not be done in a better way than by consulting professionals who will advise you properly, as well as design and create original designs of designer lamps. Black Swan Studio has many years of experience with every type of restaurant, and thanks to its individual approach and commitment, the results are always dazzling.

From enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

The lighting arrangement of the restaurant requires a unique approach, experience and artistic sense, which is not lacking for specialists from Black Swan Studio and accompanying designers. Everyone loves their work and makes sure that the subtle decorative lighting found in thousands of customers shows them the way to further development and inspires them as much as the creators themselves. Each product is a kind of challenge, specialists love large pendant lamps as much as their smaller counterparts, which are in no way inferior to them. They certainly have one thing in common – they are a great option for any restaurateur who values unique design.

Black Swan Studio is one of the few companies that are so meticulous about the quality of their services. Subdued and discreet lighting, as well as strong and eye-catching lighting – the customer can be sure that he will receive a top-class product that meets even the highest requirements!