Can a functional lamp for shopping malls enchant with its designer presence at the same time? Absolutely, as evidenced by the unique DELOS lighting. This remarkable lamp, made to order, was made for the Shopping Center in Białystok, where it adorns the shopping arcade.

Commercial lamps don’t have to be boring!

Modern illuminations are the best way to diversify large retail spaces, A DELOS personalized lamp is a significant proof of this. This effective lighting impresses primarily with its modernist shape. The unique design is reminiscent of a rose or a snail in bloom. In this version, the lamp for shopping malls is a combination of irregular shapes – a rounded square and uneven ovals. Their edges emit strong lighting, ideal for commercial facilities. Hand-made allows us to fully reflect the original character of the lighting and shape its form in a unique way.

Original lamps for shopping malls can be universal!

Many people believe that unique lamps are suitable only for selected interiors. Nothing could be more wrong – original patterns can go hand in hand with a universal character. In the DELOS model, we have combined a modernist shape with a color scheme that will work well in any interior. The beige, slightly masking shade is the perfect background for accentuating the LED backlight.

The DELOS pendant lamp has proven itself well in a shopping mall, but it can also be successfully used in other commercial facilities. It is also an ideal proposition for larger hotel spaces, which additionally confirms its universal character. A modernist lamp can be an extraordinary complement to both a classic-style interior and more avant-garde premises.

Why is it worth choosing unique lamps for commercial buildings?

Commercial spaces need to be arranged in an attractive way to attract the attention of potential consumers. Unique lighting for shopping malls is perfect for this task. It is impossible to pass by the DELOS model indifferently, if only because of the eye-catching LED shapes. This original handmade lamp will introduce a bit of modern style to a commercial facility, thanks to which an ordinary shopping mall will become a designer interior.

It is worth focusing on an individual project, adapting it to the specific architectural space. We are able to make original hanging lamps in various sizes – the presented model can be modified according to your expectations.

Black Swan Studio, a manufacturer of custom-made lamps, meets the latest interior design trends. We invite you to cooperate – with our help, a lamp for shopping malls can become a designer work of art!