How to create a unique atmosphere in public interiors? One of the decisive elements is the original lamps. Properly selected lighting can move emotions, attracting visitors to shopping centers. It will allow you to create a friendly atmosphere, allowing you to relax and rest even in noisy places.

Modern lighting in large-format stores

Shopping centers have become places where we spend more and more time. They not only serve commercial purposes, but also promote social gatherings, entertainment and relaxation. Modern lamps for commercial buildings, thanks to a wide range of solutions using LED technology, allow for the creation of a unique lighting project individually adapted to the conditions in the shopping center. Extravagant artistic projects tailored to the client’s needs can be a real challenge for an architect who is always faced with the task of creating an original space in a boutique or cafe in a shopping center.

Lighting that attracts customers

Original artistic projects in the field of lighting effectively affect the emotions of customers who, thanks to properly selected lamps, will fully appreciate the store’s offer, and shopping will become a real pleasure for them! For years, global trends in modern lighting in large-format stores have put emphasis on light as one of the most important elements of space arrangement..

The warm light of the lamps invites you to enter the interior of the stores, spot lighting brings out all the beauty of the display, and linear fluorescent lamps allow you to present goods in all their splendor and natural color. Original external and internal illuminations in large-format stores prepared for the upcoming holidays additionally create a mood of expectation full of magic!

Black Swan Studio – unusual lighting projects

For many years, unique lighting for shopping malls, including custom-made lighting projects, has not only been a job, but also a passion of Black Swan Studio. Thanks to professional experience and cooperation with numerous foreign partners, we are able to fulfill any, even the most unusual, orders of our clients..