Decorative glass works perfectly as an effective decoration – and if properly formed, it can also be a functional addition to the arrangement. Lamps, sculptures and other glassware can enliven any space, whether it be a shopping mall, hotel or office building. Glass offers almost unlimited creative possibilities based on a variety of shapes, artistic finishes and a full range of colors.

Glass art products – a perfect proposition for any interior

Decorative accessories play a very important role in the arrangement – so it’s worth betting on original glass products. Small glass sculptures or lamps will work very well in smaller interiors. It is important that their size is adapted to the size. Contrary to appearances, decorative glass in its original version fits not only in avant-garde arranged spaces. Sculptures with gentle shapes, in subdued colors, can be an unusual complement to, for example, a classically arranged hotel lobby or gallery. You can also be tempted by artistic lamps made of glass inspired by floral design.

Such decorations blend well with, among others, rustic interiors. Glass sculptures are also a great choice for a minimalist décor. Small, geometric-style installations perfectly fit even spaces dominated by industrial design. It is worth emphasizing that glass can be easily combined with other materials. A wooden wall and a metal installation will be an interesting background for a glass lamp.

Artistic glass in rainbow tones – feel the power of colors!

Modern technologies allow to make glass installations in any color. Bearing in mind the warm atmosphere of the interior, it is worth tempting yourself with sculptures in the warmest tones. Orange, translucent decorations with darker and lighter shades will immediately create an unforgettable atmosphere. You can also put on glass art installations in a multi-colored version, in which the accents of purple, green, blue or red shine through. Extensive installations, inspired by the shape of shrubs or flowers, are perfect as original outdoor sculptures.

Glass sculptures delighting with a riot of colors will also prove irreplaceable in the optical enlargement of the interior.

Glass is irreplaceable in creating artistic decorations, and thanks to modern technologies, it can be easily formed in the right way. At Black Swan Studio, we are able to make any glass installation – we are happy to undertake even unusual projects of glass lamps or sculptures. We invite architects and investors who are looking for effective arrangement solutions to cooperate with us.