Natural interiors maintained in the spirit of eco perfectly fit into the arrangement trends. This is exactly what the lamp from the LOTIS branch is designed by the THE SPACE studio. We made it by hand in BLACK SWAN STUDIO, trying to fully reflect its natural style. Currently, this remarkable pendant lamp adorns the interior of the elegant White One restaurant, perfectly matching the entire interior.

A lamp inspired by nature – trust the beauty of nature!

The original LOTIS lighting installation perfectly fits the instinctive need for human contact with the natural environment. The main role is played by willow branches, which aesthetically blend in with the delicate lighting fixtures. Hand-made guarantees a unique character. Irregular lengths and natural curves make this striking handmade lamp evoke a real tree. It is worth emphasizing that the ecological style goes hand in hand with functionality. We placed double and single light fittings around the natural branches, placing them at appropriate distances. Thanks to this, the LOTIS installation emits the optimal amount of light, even when it is necessary to illuminate larger areas.

Eco personalized lamp – which interiors it fits?

Contrary to appearances, a lamp inspired by nature is not reserved only for arrangements in a similar style. The LOTIS project can be a bull’s eye, among others, for Scandinavian interiors. An individual design with the use of willow branches fits perfectly into the character of the room dominated by natural wood. You can also introduce the lamp to minimalist interiors to add a bit of the proverbial „claw” to a conservative arrangement. It also works great in a romantic, rustic interior.

A lamp made of branches made to order – a tailor-made project

Black Swan Studio, a manufacturer of lamps on an individual order, adapts his ideas to the expectations of each client. Also in the case of the LOTIS project, we are ready to make changes according to the client’s instructions. As the lamp is made by hand, we can guarantee full customization. The number of light fittings, number of branches and detailed dimensions will be adjusted to the architectural specifics of the interior. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in every room. The ecological lamp will work in the living room, at the hotel reception or in an atmospheric cafe. We also encourage you to introduce a bit of nature to public facilities – the LOTIS installation can be an effective complement to the space of a bank, private university or a waiting room in a clinic.

The lamp from the LOTIS branch was created out of love for nature. We invite you to cooperate – we will be happy to modify the project according to your expectations.