In effective arrangements, it is best to choose inspired lighting, which is perfect as a designer element of equipment. Instead of traditional lamps, you can be tempted by an original light composition. Black Swan Studio, a manufacturer of lamps for individual orders, once again meets the expectations of supporters of original design. One of our latest projects is the PERSEIDA lighting installation, which was made according to the design of Katarzyna Jeske-Jonkisz’s studio – Design Plus. The effects of our work can be admired inside the Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Kalisz.

A functional designer lighting installation in a unique luminaire

In larger spaces, such as the interiors of hotels, shopping centers or modern office buildings, lighting installations with LED diodes are perfect. Irregularly placed points help to create the right atmosphere. At the same time, they are very functional and provide optimal lighting of the space. The main role in the PERSEIDA installation is played by cylindrical light tubes. According to the project, we made them in such a way that they emit light at different height levels.

The unique style goes hand in hand with the regular shape of the individual elements. The LED tubes are distinguished by a characteristic, cylindrical form. They are also connected by color – black with an effective, diamond sheen. The reference for this unique installation were the perseids, or meteor showers. Despite the unusual source of inspiration, it is a lighting proposal that fits into many arrangements.

Glamor style lighting – choose a diamond shine!

Glamor-style furnishings look great in a variety of arrangements. Our PERSEIDA light composition fits perfectly with this principle. Cylindrical fixtures can be a designer complement to, among others, classically arranged spaces. Their elegant character is additionally emphasized by diamond black. You can also bet on a timeless combination of black and white – our lighting installation will present itself in an effective way against the background of light walls. Its original style will also work well in rooms dominated by shimmering elements. The inspired light installation is also an interesting proposition for futuristic arrangements. It can also be integrated into arrangements with a minimalist design.

A lighting installation on an individual order is the best way to ensure the unique character of the arranged space. It is worth betting on a unique design and let your imagination run wild. We invite you to cooperate – in Black Swan Studio we can make the most unusual design of a light composition.