Fruitful cooperation with a demanding client is always a source of satisfaction for us and encourages us to take up new challenges. Such was the last implementation of Black Swan Studio created for the Cermag store. In the newly opened showroom in Łódź, we made exclusive linear lighting with a TRAPHO mirror membrane, thus creating a space friendly for employees and customers.

Custom design

In our work, we focus on an individual approach to the client. It was no different in this case. Based on the client’s project and our knowledge and skills, we have created an original lighting installation. In order to achieve an unusual, slightly futuristic impression, we focused on the original design of precisely placed light lines and a mirror membrane. In order to obtain the best effect and to subtly emphasize the advantages of the products presented in the store, we have made meticulous calculations using the Dialux program. In this way, we precisely defined the optimal length, power and color of light.

Designer lighting installation

As a result, beautiful illuminations were created that meet both stringent legal and technical standards. The entire exhibition was optimally illuminated, and the form and arrangement of the lamps created an intriguing but unobtrusive whole. Additionally, in order to create the impression of space, we installed a special mirror membrane next to the LED lines. In this way, the lighting of the entire facility and the exhibition gave a coherent whole, at the same time suggesting interesting arrangement solutions to buyers.

Exclusive linear lighting

Ceiling linear lamps are not only a modern, intriguing design, but also invaluable utility values. The energy-saving structure allows to significantly reduce the operating costs of the rooms, which is especially important in the case of public buildings. But this is not the end. As you know, LED lamps are famous for their durability and reliability. Thanks to this, the need for renovation and conservation works can be reduced to a minimum.

Handmade lamps

Black Swan Studio is a manufacturer of lamps for individual orders. We treat each artistic project as a challenge and we put maximum effort and commitment into each one. At work, we try to combine the best craftsmanship traditions and the latest technological developments. At the same time, we value cooperation with the academic and artistic community, thanks to which unique projects are created both in terms of utility and aesthetics.