Glass is perfectly subject to artistic processing, so it’s no wonder that beautiful illuminations are often created on its basis. For all lovers of unique design, we recommend the original MEDUSEO lamp – a project made to order.
This designer glass lighting installation acts as a functional decoration in a private residence in Germany.

Unique art glass designs – let them seduce you!

Glass can take various shapes, which is why luxurious lighting made of it on request stimulates the imagination. This is also evidenced by the MEDUSEO installation designed by the JANKOWSKI I OPYRCHAŁ Design Studio, in which atypically profiled lampshades are placed. Thanks to their undulating surface, the designer lamp is reminiscent of lazily floating jellyfish. The translucent glass additionally emphasized this effect. The rounded panes gently overlap, making this unusual handmade lamp even more enchanting with its unique character.

Glass allowed us to create a completely unique project that fits perfectly into the modern interior of the room. You can read more about the originality of glass installations on our blog.

Exclusive lighting installations in a modernist version

The MEDUSEO glass light installation is a proposal that fully meets the latest trends. This does not mean, however, that it will work only in interiors decorated in a modern style. The original design may as well be an effective complement to a classically furnished room. Translucent sheets in the shade of smoky glass will be perfect as the proverbial icing on the cake in many arrangements. Thanks to this, the artistic project MEDUSEO fully deserves the name of universal, without losing its uniqueness. This original, hand-made lamp can be used even in minimalist interiors. Combining two different styles is one of the hottest trends, so it is worth combining a modernist design with a more conservative interior design.

Glass lighting installation – reliable functionality

As an experienced manufacturer of lamps for individual orders, we always pay attention to the functionality of our projects. In the case of the MEDUSEO model, we are dealing with an installation that covers a larger space. This individual project emits light in many directions, and its beams reflect effectively on the glass panes. The illuminations form overlapping circles on the ceiling. Picturesque patterns of illuminated beams are visible on its surface. This installation looks particularly impressive on a suspended ceiling.

Black Swan Studio, a manufacturer of lamps for individual orders, invites all lovers of lighting in an artistic form to cooperate. The MEDUSEO glass light installation is one of the many examples of projects that we are able to modify at the customer’s special request.