Lighting for the office should be primarily functional, but it is worth combining this feature with an effective appearance. Black Swan Studio, a manufacturer of custom-made lamps, meets the expectations of modernist design enthusiasts.
Our latest proposals are the best proof that designer office lighting can play the first violin in the arrangement of the company.

Bet on unique lamps that emphasize the company’s prestige!

See for yourself that high-quality lighting in the office can go hand in hand with a unique design. It is worth going beyond the schemes and focusing on designer lighting compositions. If you care about the effective arrangement of the company, personalized lighting will be the best choice. We encourage you to take advantage of non-standard solutions, such as a spatial lamp up to 5 meters long. As part of an individual order, we are able to design and manufacture the most unique lighting installation. Both in the office and at the reception desk, you can use designer fixtures in the form of minimalist lampshades, in black or white, which will perfectly fit into any arrangement.

Customized office lighting systems? It is possible!

Custom-made lamps are perfect for any office space. It is worth remembering about adjusting the lighting to the size of the room. Modern lighting fixtures can be easily adapted to both a large premises and an interior with limited space. An example is the longitudinal LED panels that will work even in the case of poorly arranged premises. If there are conference tables in the interior, it is worth betting on recently fashionable fixtures inspired by geometry, for example in the form of glowing LED circles.

Designer office lighting – check the latest trends

Modern office lighting can be a great way to obtain an original interior arrangement. It is worth trusting the hottest trends and focusing on minimalism in a designer version. Decorative office lamps are perfect as a stylish complement to a modern office.

In terms of colors, it is best to reach for the timeless black and white. Office lamps in these universal colors fit perfectly in both modern and classic interiors. An example is a modular lighting installation that is effectively distributed throughout the ceiling.

We are able to create unique lamps for you that combine all the most important advantages of office lighting. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – we offer designer lighting installations that you cannot pass by indifferently.